Looking Ahead:
A Campaign for Reed

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For one hundred years Reed has remained steadfast in its belief in the value of rigorous scholarship, the joy of serious intellectual pursuit, the centrality of superb undergraduate teaching, and the essential role of community in the development of knowledge.

While Reed’s graduates have brought renown to their alma mater through their lifelong accomplishments, the true mark of a Reed education is not conventional success, but a certain quality of thought. Almost anywhere on the planet, Reedies can often spot fellow “comrades of the quest” instantly by their willingness to challenge received wisdom, their wide-ranging curiosity, and their conviction that the world can be a better place.

Through most of its first century, Reed was able to protect itself from the forces of consumerism, competition, and instrumentalism that face institutions of higher education by a fierce adherence to its founding principles. But to preserve its independence in its second century, the college must draw not only on the old reservoir of principle but also on the newer reservoirs of an engaged alumni body, generous annual support, and an ample endowment.

On the eve of its centennial, Reed launches a fundraising campaign to dramatically increase participation in the college’s programs and activities by its alumni as well as significantly increase its sources of long-term financial support. The campaign aims to raise $200 million to strengthen the three core values that have animated Reed since its inception–inquiry, community, and integrity. By achieving the campaign’s goals, Reed’s centennial generation will not only renew the college’s commitment to its historic ideals, but will also leave a permanent stamp on the college comparable to that imprinted by the founding generations.

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